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Chelsea goalkeeper suspected of drinking and driving in Sweden

Chelsea´s third goal keeper, Jamal Blackman, currently on a loan to the swedish club Östersunds FK, was stopped by police with alcohol in his blood over the swedish legal limit which is lower than the limit in the UK.

Swedish version: ÖFK-stjärna misstänks för rattfylla

Jamal Blackman is playing in the top swedish division and last Saturday he and the team had suffered a big defeat against local rivals Sundsvall. Jamal Blackman had let in five goals having previously gone for almost 300 minutes without letting in a single goal. Later, after the match, early Sunday morning, Blackman was stopped in his car by police. He had been drinking and was over the legal limit according to swedish law.His future is now being discussed between the two clubs, Östersund and Chelsea. The chairman, Daniel Kindberg, is expressing his anger to the local newspaper Östersunds–Posten:– It is an understatement to say that I am disappointed and very angry. According to the newspaper Aftonbladet Jamal Blackman was not aware of the rules in Sweden.

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