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Nolervik: A letter to Samantha Fox

Letter to Samantha Fox. Given that you declined my invitation to give you a guided tour in Jämtland.

Dear Samantha,

I note with great disappointment that you decline my date. You do not know what you're missing.

I had planned everything so well. I would pick you and your mother up on Froesoe airport and then I would take you in the car over the bridge across the bay (The bridge over the Red Island) and go to Offerdal.

Or " Sacrifice valley" as you Brits would say .

I would show you everything.

I would take you home to my little village where we would bake tjuckpickebröd (thick pick bread). And so I had committed Offerdals Spelmanslag (Sacrifice Valley playmanteam) to play some songs by Emil Olpers.

We would have swung our furry at the community center planks and we would have sipped on "drink " out of the can back in Örjans car ;-)

Yes, it would be a night to remember. But then you turned it down, you said you did not have the time.

But I'm not bitter, heavens no. Surely you had something else interesting to do instead of meeting a real jämte (Jamtlandian) like me.

Greetings and handshakes

Stefan Nolervik (Northbay)